1. A.C.E. is an After School, Summer Program Service Provider since 1994.
    Our service is for those students who wish to pursue academic excellence or need help on the area they want to improve. Our students will enjoy learning in a small group setting. 
  2. The After School Program runs throughout the school year and we also offer services during Spring Break and Summer Break when local schools are closed. We focus on helping on homework, and preparation for the upcoming test in our after school program.
  3. In our summer program, we offer reading, writing, math, STEAM, field trips, and sports. ​
    Inquiries: 925-577-0623, 510-494-1200 Email: acefremont@gmail.com​

Welcome, Parents!

Do you have a child who needs a little extra help with schoolwork? 
Or do you want your child to get ahead of the curve? 

We have a team of child education professionals, each with more than a decade of experience. We cover all grade school subjects, from English to Math, and Science.

A.C.E (Academic Center of Excellence)

- After School Homework Club 
- Summer Kids/Teens' Day Camp
- Tutoring for Jr. High, High
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